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compassion team - annual report

We are deeply grateful for the Compassion Team who assists our Gateway Small and Large Churches to care for people going through times of hardship and need. The generous giving of our church family has allowed different individuals to be encouraged and supported throughout the past year and during the pandemic crisis. From September 2019 to the end of July 2020 a total of $35,734.00 was given to the Compassion Fund. Disbursements over the same time totalled $24,571.00. Thank you, church family, for your kind giving, especially during the months while we have not physically been meeting. Your commitment is a testimony to Gateway’s desire to be
Christ-like in extending compassion to others.

compassion team - annual report

At the same time, the Compassion Team is active in supporting, encouraging and challenging the people of Gateway to respond in love to the needs around them. This can be done through individuals, families or small groups. It has been very exciting to observe the growth of a compassionate mind set among our Small Churches and individuals within Gateway. 


Serving on the Compassion Team are Bruce Davies, Phil Drijber, Janet Mohl and Marian Ratzlaff. We thank each of them for their diligence, courage, and hard work. 



The PRAYER of our Compassion Team is that 

Gateway will continue to be a church where each of us is willing

to be the hands and feet of Jesus to those in need.

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