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This year was a year of change right from the start! Three services, the clubhouse, the commitment of our wonderful Kids leaders! Everyone stepped up and made things happen. Then COVID-19 came along, and they stepped up again and continue to make things happen! This year our leaders focused on the "wins" (success markers) of Gateway Kids.

Here is what our leaders are saying about how our kids are learning from God: 

  • “I really like our listening prayer time, even though our kids are young it's awesome that they are learning that God can speak to them.” (2.5- 4 year old class)

  • "My kids have opened up to God about their hurts in life, writing its during their listening prayer times, putting pictures and words to their prayers, and caring for others in their class.” (Grade 5, 6 class)

  • “ These kids amaze me, Hearing them really understand the Bible inspires me.” (JK SK class)


Heres what our leaders are saying about what they are learning: 

  • “Life is precious, we need to make every day count, being with the nursery kids has made me gloss over those small moments”

  • “God places us together to let our strengths shine and balance each others weaknesses out”

  • “ That I can be a blessing to these kids, that when I ma willing to pray out loud with these kids it means so much to them, they realize that someone (beside mama and dad) cares for them."

What a privilege it is to have such a great team of leaders serving our children. 


We also want to honour a team member who has served "above and beyond" for over the last 20 years. Christine Davies will remain in the nursery loving our babies, and encouraging you to drop them off, but will be retiring from leading this room! Thank you, Christine, for your many years of dedication and love to the smallest members of our congregation! Well done! 



  • New Christians 5 

  • Baptisms 4 

  • Dedications 5 

  • Team members  125 

  • Average attendance in school year 157

  • Highest attendance 189

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