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“The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing.” Psalm 23:1


Dear Gateway family, I want to thank you for taking the time to read through this annual report of our Gateway ministries that have taken place between September and June of this past year. 


As you will see below, there is a significant distinction between the ministries that took place before the COVID-19 lockdown began in the middle of March and the ministries that have taken place since the pandemic began.  But you will also notice that there is one thread of similarity that runs through the entire ministry year: God’s faithfulness.


Because you gave, prayed and continued to serve, we are able to celebrate what God has done this past year. 


Here are a few personal highlights that took place before the pandemic closed our in-person gatherings:

  • A Set Free! retreat was held in October with 23 participants.

  • Gateway sponsored a Soul Care conference with two other churches in the GTA that attracted over 200 participants between the three churches.

  • There was an increase of 86 average attenders on Sunday morning services between the winter (Nov-Dec) of 2018 and the same time period in 2019 (from 529 to 615)

  • Gateway experienced record attendance (over 1,100 people) at our three Christmas Musical Performances.

  • A comprehensive site plan was completed by architect Glen Reinders and plans were developed for a new entrance, driveway and parking lot on Gateway’s expanded property.

  • 11 baptisms were performed (the baptism service planned for this spring has been moved to the end of November.)

  • 7 weddings have been performed and 8 weddings are in the planning process.

  • An evangelistic-oriented financial course called “Money Matters” attracted over 70 participants in February and March, 2020.

  • Gateway hosted a Preachers Workshop in early March with approximately 30 participants.

  • A 6-month pastoral internship of Ambrose student Tyson Warkentin was started in September and completed by the end of March.

In the middle of March, most of our ministries were moved online.  Recently, some of our ministries have opened again to in-person and onsite gatherings with safety protocols in place.  Here are some very exciting highlights that have taken place since that time:     


  • 21 new members were welcomed to Gateway since last September (many of them during the COVID-19      lockdown)

  • The monthly Pray First meeting moved to weekly gatherings in the spring with an increase of double the      average attendance.

  • The Pre-Service prayer meetings continued online with increased participation.

  • Uninterrupted Sunday morning services and Gateway Kids videos were provided online.

  • 8 Gateway families have indicated an interest in dedicating their children to the Lord.

  • Since the middle of March, every family connected to Gateway was contacted (or efforts made to contact)    several times by Gateway elders and staff.

  • 46 participants signed up for the “How to Study the Bible” Zoom course in April.

  • The building was re-opened for 2 Sunday morning onsite services at the end of June with new health            regulations in place.

I want to thank the staff, elders and ministry volunteers of Gateway for providing leadership and pastoral care to our church family during this time.  And we thank you, our Gateway family, for your prayers.  Through you, God’s ministry and impact has continued.  You are the very expression of God’s faithfulness to our community during this challenging ministry season.


Please read over some of the ministry reports below to see just how kind and faithful the Lord has been to provide for the needs of our church family.  We are confident that, as we face an uncertain future, he will continue to provide as our Good Shepherd.


Your friend,


Pastor Steve Kerr

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