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The Well Community Church has had an exciting year as we continue to see God at work in Binbrook. We have had new families and individuals join our church and commit to being active members. Kevin has taken The Well through several engaging sermon series and we have seen Jesus work powerfully in people’s lives! We have witnessed two salvations this past year (one on Christmas Eve and one through our online ministry). Praise God! 


Our ministries have continued to grow. In January, The Well hosted a men’s Bible study and in March we hosted an online women’s Bible study with 14 women. As The Well has shifted to online church for the time being, we have seen engagement from those in our community who do not yet know Christ but are searching. 


This spring, Pastor Kevin and Amanda hosted “The Marriage Course” which is put on by Alpha online through Zoom. We had 15 couples join the course!

One couple, in particular, live in Binbrook but don’t yet attend church.

After the first session, they messaged to say how thankful they were for this course and that they haven’t had conversations like this in years regarding their marriage! We are so grateful God used this course in such a powerful way!

Screen Shot 2020-08-14 at 11.07.41

Our kids' ministry, despite being online, has continued to thrive. Ranae, an active participant in our church, offered to take this ministry on in a volunteer capacity. She runs Saturday morning Zoom parties for the kids and we have seen increased engagement with our children!

Hannah Smith is our summer intern. Every Friday she hosts,

“Picnic in the Park: Grab & Go.” She sets up near the splash pad

and kids in the community can pick up a craft bag to take home.

We know this ministry is having such a positive impact on our community!

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