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When getting ready for the adventure of a lifetime,

there are essential items that you will want to pack.


At Gateway, we have a number of training & equipping opportunities to help you along the way.




Please let us know if any of the following

would be helpful to you:       

How To Study The Bible Workshop

The next How to Study the Bible Workshop date is TBD.



1. Week One      The Meta-Narrative of Scripture


Did you realize that the Bible, made up of 66 books spanning 1500 years and over 40 authors, is actually one big story? 

  • Join us for an overview of the storyline of the Bible.  

  • Learn the 7 “acts” of the biblical narrative that spans the ages. 

  • Have fun examining some of the “threads” that are interwoven into the entire story of Scripture.


2. Week Two     The Bridge of Biblical Study


Do you know that there are three simple steps for biblical study and do you know how to follow them toward a better understanding of Scripture?  

  • Join us this week as we learn how to build a bridge from the culture of the biblical text to the world that we live in today.

  • Learn how to take the following steps: observation (what the text meant), interpretation (what it means) and application (how I can respond).


3. Week Three     Consistent Interpretation


Have you heard the charge that Christians like to arbitrarily “pick and choose” the commands of God to obey in the Old Testament and which ones to ignore?

  • Join us this week as we learn how to treat every biblical text in the same way.

  • Dive more deeply into the process of interpretation and learn how to draw out the eternal principle (ultimate ethic) from every biblical command.

  • See how rich the biblical commands are when understood in their context and how unfortunate it would be for you to “unhitch your faith” from the Old Testament.

  • Learn how Jesus drew the eternal principle out of the Hebrew Scriptures and applied them in exciting ways to his cultural context.



4. Week Four     Redemptive Movement in the Bible


Did you know that there is a beautiful trajectory in the Bible?  God’s heart is to patiently move his children away from racism, sexism, violence, self-destruction (and other personal and social dysfunctions) and toward his ultimate ethic of love.  

  • In this session we will look at some of the more controversial issues in the Bible.

  • Examine texts that talk about war, slavery, women and human sexuality in order to gain a better grasp on God vision for a fully flourishing humanity. 


5. Week Five    The Road to Emmaus


Did you know that Jesus explained to his disciples how he was foreshadowed in the entire Old Testament? His life was an exciting fulfillment of the Hebrew Scriptures and our hearts burn with God’s love when the Holy Spirit reveals what was said concerning Christ.

  • Join us as we look at ways Jesus intentionally echoed many of the Old Testament stories in his life, ministry, death, resurrection and ascension.

  • Learn how to have a heart that burns with God’s love as you discover the perfect unity of Scripture that revolves around the Word who became flesh. 


6. Week Six     Communicating the Text


All of us will, at some time, be called upon to share what God has said and is saying to us through the biblical text.  Learn some of the tricks and tips that Pastor Steve has uncovered over more than a quarter century of teaching the Bible.

  • Learn how to put all of the elements of biblical study together into a simple structure that will powerfully communicate the Word of God in a Bible Study, devotional or sermon.

  • Become a better communicator or a better listener of biblical messages by seeing “how the sausage is made” in the interpretation and communication of Scripture.

The Alpha Course

An opportunity to explore the Christian faith.

27 million people and counting have taken the Alpha Course, an opportunity to explore the Christian faith.  Alpha typically runs twice a year at Gateway for 10 weeks, starting in September and January.  

Our next Alpha session will be taking place in January 2023 on Monday Nights at 6:30pm in the Alcove.


Click HERE to let us know you're interested in checking out a future Alpha course and we'll be sure to connect with you. 

For more information, please visit 

Set Free Retreat

Experiencing freedom in Christ.

This retreat runs at Gateway once a year on a Friday evening and an all-day Saturday and is for those who want to break free from habits of thought and behaviour that are keeping them from enjoying the adventure with Jesus.  The Set Free Retreat teaches Christ-followers about the joy of confession and embracing our identity in Christ as those who are forgiven and free.


The next Set Free Retreat is scheduled for the Fall of 2023. There will be a cost which will include all retreat materials, lunch, dinner, and refreshments. 


Click here if you'd like to sign up.


May 30, 2020

9am-9 pm


May 30, 2020

9am-9 pm


May 30, 2020

9am-9 pm


May 30, 2020

9am-9 pm

Month of Prayer

A creative corporate prayer experience.

January is Gateway's Month of Prayer. Everyone is welcome to join us as we pray for healing, our communities, our marriages and families, our International Workers, our ministries, etc…  Passionate corporate prayer is what makes it possible for Gateway to launch people out to live the adventure with Jesus. This year, we kicked off the new year, had a special healing service, and identified four big prayer requests for our church during 2022. We love seeing and celebrating what God is doing!

The next Month of Prayer will be in January 2023!





May 30, 2020

9am-9 pm

Hearing God Workshop

Discerning the voice of Jesus.

In John 10, Jesus promised that, “My sheep hear my voice.”  Being able to hear and discern the voice of Jesus is an essential part of living the adventure of following him every day.  Once a year, Gateway offers the Hearing God Workshop.  This runs on Thursdays for 7 weeks from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. and is perfect for those who want to enhance their ability to hear the voice of Jesus all week long.


The Hearing God Workshop runs every two years and will take place next in the Spring of 2024.


Click HERE to let us know you'd be interested in attending.  



May 30, 2020

9am-9 pm

3 Crosses

Retreat Centre

The listening experience.

On the last weekend of May, up to 15 participants at Gateway attend the 3Crosses Listening Centre in Huntsville, ON – a ministry of Huntsville Alliance Church.  The 35-acre property overlooks Lake Vernon and has walking trails, prayer huts and cabins.  The listening prayer experiences connect people intimately to God in the midst of a hike through God’s creation and through stories in Scripture.  Anyone is welcome to attend.


Please visit:



Intro to Gateway

Beginning your adventure at Gateway.

This 60-minute seminar, (formerly called, “Gateway 101”), is offered 2 times a year and is a prerequisite for membership and ministry at Gateway Church.  At this Intro to Gateway session, we “pop the hood” of the church to examine topics such as salvation, communion, baptism, statement of faith, Gateway’s mission, denominational affiliation, giving, ministries, volunteering, etc…


Everyone is invited to come and learn the mission of Gateway as we live the adventure with Jesus every day of the week!


The next Intro to Gateway session will be at Gateway Church on Thursday, February 23 at 7pm. There will also be a time for Q+A and discussion. Click HERE if you would like to attend.


Family & Adoptive

Gain and give support

This new ministry at Gateway aims to help the church family understand the joys and challenges adoptive and foster families have in order to create an environment of support and partnership. There will be informational meetings as well as social gatherings to meet other like-minded people.

There will be FAM Gatherings on the third Sunday night of each month at 6:00pm. The next FAM Gathering will be on Sunday, January 15 at 6:00 in the Alcove.

If you have any questions, please let us know here.

Wedding &

Pre-Marital Prep

Getting ready for a great marriage.

Our pastoral staff are trained and licensed to conduct wedding ceremonies and to meet with couples a minimum of 5 times before their wedding.  These sessions deal with topics like the biblical vision for marriage, habits for a healthy first year, conflict management, communication styles, etc… 


(Please note: an honorarium for this service is normally expected).

If you would like to book an appointment, or to learn more, click here.

Family Dedication

Info Session

             Preparing for parenting.

To help prepare parents for their child’s dedication and to start children off with a solid spiritual foundation, we have designed a 60-minute Family Dedication Seminar that runs 2 times a year. 


Please click here if you are interested.


The next Family Dedication Info Night and Dedication Services will be Spring 2023. 

Right Now

Growing in understanding God.

At Gateway, it’s our desire to provide you and your family with the highest quality resources so you can live the adventure with Jesus every day.  We are able to supply you with a free subscription to Right Now Media (to use on your phone, tablet and smart TVs – think “Christian Netflix”) and give you a complimentary paper Study Bible (NIV for teens and adults and NIrV for children).


Inquire about free Christian resources here.

Basic Theology


Understanding doctrines of the Christian faith.

​Basic Theology runs for 4 weeks. Each seminar is 2 hours in length and plunges you deeper into the historic doctrines (truth statements) of the Christian faith.  Come and learn about the ancient creeds of Christianity that have inspired people in the last 2000 years to live the adventure with Jesus.  Examine more closely the Statement of Faith of Gateway Church.

The next Basic Theology seminar will be in 2023.

To indicate your interest in this seminar, click here.

Evangelism Workshop


Gateway’s Evangelism Workshop is a 1.5 hour opportunity to learn and practice telling a simple 5-minute explanation of the Good News of Jesus. 


Many of us have friends or family who do not know the Lord. If you would like to learn how to share the Gospel with them in a clear and simple way, we'd love to save you a seat for Gateway's Evangelism Workshop. Come and learn how to live the exciting adventure of sharing Jesus with others!

The next Evangelism Workshop will be in May 2023. Click here to let us know if you're interested in joining us!


Involvement Seminar

             Serving God as you serve others.

One of the most exciting ways we can live out our adventure with Jesus is to use our spiritual gifts to build up our church and serve our local community.  This Ministry Involvement Seminar is a 2-hour teaching designed to help you to discover the way God has uniquely shaped you to serve him as you serve others.  


The next Ministry Involvement Workshop is TBD


Please indicate your interest by clicking here.


for Healing

Anointing with oil & prayer for divine healing.

At Gateway, we are excited to obey the Bible verse that says, “Is anyone among you sick?


Let them call the elders of the church to pray over them and anoint them with oil

in the name of the Lord.” James 5:14.


We offer to anyone the opportunity to be prayed for healing by our elders. 


Please indicate your interest in healing prayer by contacting us here

Compassion Ministry

           Helping those in need in our community.

"You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. You shall love your neighbour as yourself." Matthew 22:38-39.

The Compassion Team seeks to glorify the Lord through acts of compassion, motivated by His unfailing love for us, and is desirous of directing others to Christ.


When one approaches the Compassion Team for assistance, the priority will be to uncover the root of the problem, and to try and determine the best long-term solution. This could include spiritual or financial counselling, elder intervention, ongoing accountability, job search or career training, as well as or instead of financial assistance.  

If you need help or would like to help somebody else, please click here.

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