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The great challenge in the spring was the arrival of Covid-19 and the resulting inability to meet in person. However, our groups proved that a small group is not an event, but a network of relationships and the groups found creative ways to gather, mostly using Zoom. In fact, several groups restarted during the spring and several new groups formed. 


The move to Zoom gatherings was not easy for all. As one leader said:

It was WORTH the struggle. Through the challenges, it was very encouraging

through those difficult days to see, and hear everyone. To pray together.

To encourage each other & yes to laugh!


Do you want to travel with others as you grow in your faith journey?

Join a group! 

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Alpha continues to be one of the most important ways that we make disciples at Gateway.


Since last September 44 guests have attended Alpha in addition to the hosts (plus one small group used the Alpha videos). Although the spring session was cut short by Covid-19, a new online session started in June. Alpha is a safe place to ask questions or share your thoughts about faith.

Whether someone is exploring faith or has been a Christian for many years, we encourage everyone to attend – and bring a family member or friend. 

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